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Workplace Accidents

Every day, employees in New York suffer work-related injuries or illnesses and face mounting expenses as a result. New York’s workers’ compensation laws provide employees some relief when suffering work-related injuries and illnesses, such as neck, back, and head injuries and illnesses related to the exposure of toxic chemicals. Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that many employers are required to have in order to cover the expenses of injured employees and employees suffering occupational illnesses.  Employees may receive certain workers’ compensation benefits if their employers carry workers’ compensation insurance. The various types of workers’ compensation benefits employees may receive include the following:

  • Cash benefits: If an employee is unable to work for more than fourteen days due to the injury or illness, the employee can receive cash benefits for the days the employee is unable to work.
  • Medical benefits: A worker who is eligible to receive worker’s compensation benefits may receive necessary medical care so long as it relates to treating the employee’s injuries or illness.

Steps to Take If Injured at Work

There are several steps employees should take if they are injured at work. First, employees should seek medical attention for their injuries as soon as possible, informing the doctor of how they were hurt. If the employer does not dispute the employee’s workers’ compensation claim, the cost of medical services should be covered by the employer or the employer’s insurance carrier.

Next, the employee should notify his or her supervisor regarding the injury immediately. Employees who fail to notify their employer, in writing, within 30 days of the accident risk losing the right to workers’ compensation benefits. Additionally, workers must file claims with the Board within two years of the accident date.

Notably, workers’ compensation laws can be very complex and extensive, emphasizing the importance of obtaining legal advice from an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Garber Legal can advise clients of their options and of the Board’s procedures for filing workers’ compensation claims.

Other Avenues of Recovery

Sometimes, workers’ compensation benefits are insufficient at compensating employees for their medical costs and other expenses. When this occurs, some clients have the option of seeking recovery against a third party who was partly responsible for causing the injury. Third parties may include manufacturers, who created the defective or poorly designed product, or equipment that caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

If you or someone you love may have been injured in a workplace accident, remember that time is of the essence so contact the law offices of Garber Legal today to learn more about your legal rights and options. At GarberLegal our attorneys will be more than happy to evaluate your case during a free and confidential consultation to determine the best way to pursue your claims while protecting and maximizing your legal interests.